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24/7 Access

A key component of any library is the collection. The quality and quantity of information and ideas available through the library is still a measure of worth even in the age of the internet. Critical thinkers and savvy searchers are fully aware that not all good information can be accessed freely via the Web, even if we wished it were so.
To meet the needs of our community, SMES Library offers a robust digital collection that mimics the internet in ease of access, but is chosen for quality and …

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Great Reads of 2013

It is that time of year again! During the month of December I delight in reading all the “best books of the year” lists. In keeping with tradition, here are some of my favorite “best” lists and a short list of the titles I’ve read this year that really stand out.

Every newspaper, magazine, blog and online bookstore seems to publish a best of list. I browse them all and long for more reading time. Here are a few that I think are worthy:
GoodReads.com This list will point you to the most . . .

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Book Fair Fun!

The PTF Scholastic Book Fair is an annual event that offers SMES readers, young and old, terrific opportunities to learn about new books, share favorite reads with friends, and shop! The book fair will be open to all starting Monday after school through Friday morning.

This year, thanks to the efforts of co-chairs Betsy Denham and Tammy Tsunoda in collaboration with Whale of a Tale Book Shoppe, the book fair is sprinkled with author and illustrator visits! Lower School students in grades 1–5 will have the opportunity to listen to an . . .

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Why we celebrate Banned Books Week

Early each school year, Librarian’s all throughout America celebrate Banned Books Week. Banned Books week is all about raising awareness to the fact that acts of censorship are still too prevalent in our modern society. Hundreds of library books are challenged each year meaning that people formally request that the book be removed from the library shelves. Librarians all around America, strive to uphold the 1st Amendment by ensuring that their library users have access to books and resources even those that might be unappealing, distasteful, or scary to some.
This …

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